Join Us

It’s easy to join the Leelanau Letter Writers. You needn’t live in Leelanau County; the only requirement is that you share a love for the art of handwritten (or typed) correspondence. Our mission is just to support and encourage each other to write letters. That’s it.

Here’s what will happen when you join:

You’ll receive from me, via snail mail, the Leelanau Letter Writers’ Zine/Newsletter, which I send out periodically. LLW mailings will contain information and insights about such topics as epistolaries, antique typewriters, rubber stamps, art mail ideas, recipes, writing accoutrements, letter writing groups and societies, plus relevant news from the Leelanau Peninsula. I’ll also include information about unique stationery sources and coupons for discounts if you mention LLW in your order. And I’ll include your thoughts about letter-writing and personal correspondence if you send them to me.

Here’s how you can join:

Provide your name and snail mail information to the Leelanau Letter Writers in one of two ways:

Send an email to me at


Send your name and snail mail address to Marilyn at Post Office Box 669, Northport, Michigan 49670.

That’s it.

There’s no cost to join. And I promise not to send you any chain mail or proselytize (except about the benefits of unplugging and taking the time to write a letter). This group is not about pressure or guilt. It is about encouragement and inspiration to take the time to sit at your desk or curled up in your favorite chair and write about your day, your family, that morning’s magnificent sunrise, your visit to a local farmer’s market, the Petoskey stone you discovered during your afternoon stroll on the beach, last night’s snowfall, the novel you are reading, the fears you are facing, and your plans and dreams. You won’t be graded, your spelling won’t be corrected, and your grammar won’t be judged, at least not by me, or by anyone in this group.

There’s an additional option, if you’re interested.

You can join the Leelanau Letter Writers Pen Pals, a subgroup of LLW who wish to communicate with one another directly. If you choose to become part of the Leelanau Letter Writers Pen Pals, let me know when you join and I’ll snail mail you the list of the others in this special group so you can exchange correspondence with your new friends. You can always join later if you change your mind.

The Leelanau Letter Writers don’t plan any face-to-face meetings, FaceTime calls, or Zoom meetings.  Perhaps there will be an opportunity to gather at some point in the future but during the pandemic, that’s not a realistic option. 

And–I promise not to sell or otherwise share your personal information with anyone else for any reason UNLESS you opt into the LLW Penpals, in which case I WILL share your information with the other people in that group.

Here’s an update about the LLW:

As of March 17, 2023, there are 41 members of the Leelanau Letter Writers. Twenty of us have signed up to be Pen Pals with each other. Our members live throughout the U.S. and we even have members in England and Australia. Won’t you join us?

Most sincerely, Marilyn