What is Slow Correspondence?

You’ve probably heard of the slow food movement.  The Leelanau Letter Writers are dedicated to promoting the art of slow correspondence, of taking the time to compose and send real letters by real mail to people we care about.  Members of this group send handwritten or individually composed letters, poetry, recipes, and bits of art to friends and family as we encourage one another to correspond by snail mail with the people in our lives.

The LLW is made up of those who appreciate the gift of a personal, handwritten letter.  We unplug from our electronic devices and take time to write letters and send them by snail mail to friends, family, and, if you choose to join the LLW Pen Pals, other members of this group.

This is not a political forum or place to evangelize about causes.  It’s just a place to promote the value of a personal, penned letter, a tangible reminder of the connection between two souls. Although some of us are residents of Leelanau County, Michigan, anyone who believes in the value of a handwritten letter can join us for suggestions, ideas, encouragement, and connection.

Interested? The Leelanau Letter Writers got its start during the fall of 2020 and continues to welcome new members. Visit the Join Us page of this website to learn how you can participate.

Some things about me:

I‘m a retired attorney, fiction writer, neophyte gardener, and labyrinth facilitator who lives in Leelanau County, Michigan.  I’ve always loved discovering a handwritten letter nestled in my mailbox.  Opening that special envelope was like unwrapping a gift.  Composing and mailing a return letter was my way of surprising the sender with a present.

About twenty years ago, when personal correspondence morphed into emailing, like most people, I followed along. But the emails I sent and received disappeared when I closed my computer or turned off my phone. I missed the pleasure of opening and reading the words on a tangible piece of paper, something I could hold in my hand, set aside to reread later, and eventually file away in my collection of treasured handwritten letters. It was true that writing a letter was slow and that snail mailing meant delayed gratification for both the sender and the recipient. But the waiting always seemed worth it. 

So I have returned to the art of what I call Slow Correspondence.  That involves sitting quietly and composing my thoughts, often with a cup of tea nearby as I pen my words on a carefully-selected piece of stationery, choose the right stamp (like a favorite tiny painting), and then address the envelope to the person with whom I wish to share a piece of my life.

If you, too, see the advantages in taking a break from the digital world and slowing the pace of your life by engaging in the art of letter writing, you are welcome to join us on this journey. (See the Join Us page of this site to learn more.) And don’t forget to check out the occasional LLW Blog Posts on this website!